From the East – February 2019

Dear Brothers,

Another month has flown by Brothers.  It may not seem worthy of mention yet, because it’s early in the year yet, but time has a way of slipping away on all of us.  Playing off of the phrase “early in the year”, I’d like to suggest that we should all think back to our beginnings in the Lodge.   Back to the time when coming to Lodge was more exciting, and less a matter of rote or habit.

Part of that attraction was the interaction among the Brothers, especially those with more experience.  I know for my own part, I looked forward (and still do look forward) to coming to Lodge and sharing the fellowship of my Brothers who are more experienced in Masonry, and learning from them.  To my mind, our attendance and participation is not only good for us, and the Lodge as a whole, but it is something that we owe to our newer and incoming Brothers.

When I was brought to Light, in each of the degrees, the fact that there were Brothers on the sidelines, as well as the Officers performing the Ritual helped me to realize that I was getting involved in something that had real meaning.  I always seem to enjoy Lodge more when the sidelines are more fully occupied.  Come on out and share in the fellowship with us.  If you attend on a regular basis, maybe you can reach out to a Brother of your acquaintance who we don’t see as often, and bring him along.  As one of our most famous Brothers said, long ago,  “Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.” ― George Washington


Rick Young


Posted by medford