From the East – January 2019

Dear Brothers,

Our year begins again.  January starts our year both in Lodge, and life in general.  It takes its’ name from the old Roman god “Janus”.  Janus was usually depicted as having two faces, one looking back and one looking forward.  This is a time of year when it is common to look back at what one has accomplished, and look forward to what is to come.  I think that Medford Lodge can deservedly look back in pride, and look forward in anticipation.  I have been placed, by your consent,  in the East of one of the most active Lodges in the 19th District (in my opinion).   The enthusiasm and commitment of the Brothers have brought Medford Lodge to where it is now, and I hope to help us continue that growth.

I am truly gratified by the confidence shown in me by my Brethren, and hopes that I can prove worthy of it.  I look forward to working with all my Brothers.  My contact information is in every Trestleboard, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, complaints, or for any reason.  I look forward to seeing everyone in Lodge.



Rick Young


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