From the East – March 2019

Dear Brothers,

Spring is fast approaching, my Brothers.  It’s a time of year we start coming out of our shells a bit.  To risk speaking in cliché, it is a time of renewal.  I would like to see a renewal of participation in the Lodge.  Lodge doesn’t have to be only about the monthly communications, and degree work.  Medford Lodge can only be what the membership makes it.  The participation of the Brethren will make the Lodge a vibrant and enjoyable part of all of our lives.  Medford Lodge has set a pattern of events outside the Lodge itself.  It gives us a chance to enjoy each other’s company while engaging in what we call in the ritual “innocent social pleasures”.   If you haven’t had the pleasure yet of participating in one or more of the events that have taken place, please speak to one of us that have, to see what you’re missing.  Better yet come out for the next one and see for yourself.

Our March Communication this year has a bit of extra meaning.  Medford Lodge #178 was consecrated on March 11th, 1903, making this month’s meeting our 116th anniversary.  Our Historian is putting together a short presentation on the history of the Lodge to be given at the meeting.  Hope to see you in Lodge.


Rick Young


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