From the East – March 2020

Greetings Brethren,

This month Medford Lodge is fortunate to have two candidates passing to the Fellow Craft Degree. One of the most popular sections on that degree seems to be the middle chamber lecture. Consisting of three, five and seven steps. While a staircase needs every step to function, my favorite steps are the five senses. As Carl H. Claudy writes in “Introduction to Freemasonry II Fellowcraft”, without the five senses, a man has “…no contact whatever with the material world he can learn nothing of it.” But as Claudy also points out, perception without the curiosity and intelligence of the mind will not lead mankind to the desire and ability to “..imitate the Divine plan, and to study symmetry and order.” Which then led to the development of the seven liberal arts and sciences.

Newton made a simple observation of gravity, which led to physics then the need for calculus which aided quantum mechanics which gave Einstein the tools to develop his theories of relativity which led back to gravity.  All because a long time ago Newton approached an observation given to him by sight with “industry and zeal” to study that which has always been in plain view.

All that from just one step of the winding stairway. No wonder the middle chamber lecture is so interesting and popular.

In the beginning….


F. Lawrence Vernamonti

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