From the East – November 2019

Dear Brothers, 

              As the year starts winding down, we still have a few tasks ahead of us in our “Quarry”.  One of these is the Master Mason degree for our new Brothers.  While thinking on the degree, I gave some thought to the meanings in the degree, and in Masonry in general.  In the course of my meanderings, I ran across an essay titled “We are Builders”.  I would like to give credit to its’ source, but it’s listed as author unknown.  I’m going to paraphrase from it, as the unknown author framed my thoughts in better words than I could.

We can all agree that Freemasonry is a grand institution, steeped in tradition, and counts many great men of the past and present among the Brethren.  I think that most of us think it is truly an honor to be a Freemason.

However, all the glories of the past and honors of the present are not what will carry Freemasonry forward.  The future of the Craft depends on the impact it has on our daily lives.

Our Lodge is not just a room or a meeting place to enjoy our Brothers’ company.  We do not meet to promote ourselves, or each other in business.  Our Lodge is a group of men, a group of Brothers who have dedicated themselves to a common goal.  Our goal is to build character, to make better men, a better community, a better nation and a better world for ourselves and those that follow us.  This concept is plainly stated in our slogan, “Making good Men better”.

This should be the meaning of Freemasonry to us.  We should remain dedicated to the principles of our obligations, and both “frequently inculcate and forcibly recommend” them to our new Brothers as they join us in our Lodge.  Without such dedication, the words we speak when we take our obligations are just so much noise.  I am proud to say that this commitment seems to be very much the rule in Medford Lodge.

I look forward to seeing you in Lodge!


Rick Young

Posted by medford