From the East – April 2015


It is said Geometry is the first and noblest of the sciences and the basis on which the superstructure of freemasonry is erected. It is discussed as one of the liberal sciences in the Middle Chamber lecture, again in the Master Mason lecture with the 47th problem of Euclid, and its importance to operative masons in shaping their structures is visible.

So what is its relevance?  The implications of the working tools is clear.

While the compass, square rule and plum may have their origin in geometric and mathematical application, they teach us wise and serious truths and lessons for our conduct in and out of the lodge.  In our vocations geometry is used for surveying, designing vehicles, planes and buildings, road networks, bridges, electrical circuits, military formations and operations, office layouts, and other used too numerous to mention we take for granted.

Last month I talked of astronomy which when combined with spherical geometry enabled celestial navigation and world travel. Another brother used both these sciences to develop a concept we use every year based on the earths rotation and the sun’s declination.  Ben Franklin came up with the concept of daylight saving time.  So as the climate warms and our days grow longer think of how one mason used these sciences for the betterment of all.


Russ Bauer, Worshipful Master

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