To Be One, Ask One

To Be One, Ask One

From the East – September 2023

Greetings Brethren,

In this new digital age, where information flows freely and technology shapes our daily lives, the timeless symbols of the Masonic Square, Compass, and Level continue to offer valuable insights into guiding principles of morality and ethics. Freemasonry, an ancient fraternal organization, has long utilized these symbols to impart moral and ethical les-sons to its members. In today’s interconnected and rapidly evolving world, these symbols hold a special significance as they provide a framework for navigating the complex ethical challenges posed by emerging technologies and the digital landscape.

The Masonic Square, symbolizing virtue and morality, teaches us the importance of living an upright and ethical life, both online and offline. In the digital age, where anonymity often enables unethical behavior, it re-minds us of the need to maintain integrity in our virtual interactions. It encourages us to uphold the same moral values online as we do in the physical world, promoting honesty, fairness, and respect in our online endeavors.

The Compass represents self-control and discipline. It serves as a reminder that in the digital realm, where distractions and impulsivity abound, it is crucial to exercise restraint and moderation. This symbol encourages us to use technology mindfully, ensuring that our actions online align with our ethical principles. It emphasizes the importance of balancing our digital lives with meaningful, real-world connections and responsibilities, preventing technology from becoming a source of moral decay.

The Level, symbolizing equality and unity, underscores the importance of treating others with fair-ness and respect in the digital age. In a world where social media can amplify divisions and echo chambers, this symbol should encourage us to bridge differences and promote inclusivity and unity. It should remind us that the digital space can be a platform for positive change and ethical dis-course when we interact with empathy and understanding.

The Masonic Square, Compass, and Level provide valuable ethical guidance in this digital age. They inspire us to uphold moral values, exercise self-control, and promote unity in our online inter-actions. These timeless symbols continue to be relevant in a world where technology shapes our lives, serving as a reminder that ethical principles should guide our actions, both on and offline.

WM Rigil Abellanosa